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Puncher Technologies TeMP3st

Introducing an amazing new MP3 device

How many times have you had a song lyric or melody stuck in your head and wondered all day what the song was? The Puncher Technologies TeMP3st is designed to alleviate this problem by allowing you to record either your own voice or the original song from the radio or television, and then search for it on the internet. Read that again! Yes, you can sing into the TeMP3st, connect it to your computer, and it will not only identify the song, but find it and download it from the internet in MP3 format.

The TeMP3st has the following modes of operation:

  • Calibration - Sing along to the supplied songs, and train the TeMP3st to recognise your voice. It doesn't matter how bad you are, just sing, hum and la-la away. This teaches the TeMP3st to recognise the individual nature of your singing voice, and the resultant calibration file can be saved to your computer via the supplied USB cable.
  • Record - There are two Record modes. Personal mode is where you record your own voice, and Original mode is where you record a section of the track as performed by the original artist. The number of recordings is limited only by the memory capacity of the TeMP3st.
  • Playback - You can listen to your recording using the built in speakers or the supplied earphones, before you copy it to your computer. This independent playback features also allows the TeMP3st to act as a personal dictation device.
  • Identification - Copy the recording to your computer, and go online to identify the song using the supplied software. Once you connect to the Puncher Technologies servers, your recording is converted into our patented Puncher TeMP3st Format and our extensive libraries of .PTF files are searched. Following complex pattern matching, a list of all possible songs over a given threshold percentage are listed.
  • Download - Once the song has been identified, you are presented with a list of servers on the internet where the file can be found. You may then perform a manual download from a single site, or an automatic download of sections of the track from multiple sites, with the file being re-created on your hard disk. Note that for legal reasons no MP3 files are kept on the Puncher Technologies servers, and so we are unable to guarantee the availability of any given piece of music in MP3 format.

Feature summary

Size (W x H x D)4.92" x 1.97" x 0.79" (125mm x 50mm x 20mm)
Weight7.41oz. (210g) w/o batteries
Capacity2GB TeMP3stStick memory (500 songs @ 128kbps MP3)
InterfaceUSB (cable supplied)
PlaybackBuilt in speakers or headphones (supplied)
SoftwarePrivate Investigator MP3 (P.I.MP3) version 1.31

Current prices

TeMP3st for Windows and Linux : 249 inc vat

i-TeMP3st for Macintosh : 319 inc vat - We'll stick some luminous plastic on the back and charge you 70 more because it makes you feel superior.