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'Drop Four' ball game

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Welcome to Drop Four, a JavaScript game where the aim is to make lines of four balls either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. To begin the game, Click on the 'New Game' button. This will clear the main board, and drop three balls into the two chutes to the right. The chute on the left shows your next three balls to play, whilst the chute on the right shows the computer's. To drop a ball into the board, simply click in the appropriate column. When a line of four is complete, it will vanish, the balls above will fall down, and your score will be updated. The score per line increases as you progress through the levels, and multiplier bonuses are scored if you make more than one line in a single go. The computer will also play a ball from it's chute after a set number of goes. Initially this will be every seven goes, but will become more frequent as you progress through the levels. The game finishes when either you complete all twenty levels, or there is no more room on the board.

Your high scores are shown below the game board. Note that this feature uses a cookie to save the scores, and so will not work if you have disabled cookies in your browser.