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Useful technical links

Welcome to the development links page

The aim of this page is to allow the reader to use the drop down menus above to navigate to external technical web sites which I have found useful over the last few years. The resources are split into five main headings:

Basically anything that doesn't fall easily into one of the other headings. Included here are useful shareware and utility sites, on-line books, white papers, and the homepage of the all pervasive Microsoft.

Umbrella sites
Couldn't think of a better phrase for this. Included here are sites like Earthweb and internet.com that host a whole load of technology and language specific sites. Many of the sites listed here are also included in the language section.

If you want to find a whole raft of stuff on a particular language, but don't know where to start, then hopefully this is the answer.

Not suprisingly, this provides links to sites for several technologies. Many of the links are into the MSDN, although hopefully others will be provided soon. This also contains the 'Web' catch-all where the sites focus on many areas of internet technology.

A cheap attempt at maintaining your interest in this page. Hopefully the sites listed here will change periodically, but I'm still not convinced that there are all that many relatively clean and humourous sites out there.