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The Puncher coat of arms

So many arms must be very handy

If you thought there was confusion over the origin of the Puncher surname, that's nothing compared to the variety of coats of arms that people, far more knowledgable than myself, have put forward. Those that I know of can be seen below. Most of these I have drawn based on my very limited knowledge of heraldry. If anyone believes the pictures not to match the words then please let me know where I have gone wrong. In addition to that, if you know of arms not shown below then send me the information so that I can include them.

Source : "Punchard of Heanton-Punchardon : Records of an Unfortunate Family" by E.G. Punchard
Sable, six plates, three, two, one
Devonshire (alternative)
Sable, ten plates, four, three, two, one
Devonshire (Bovey line) and Somerset
Argent, a cross sarcel, voyded gules
Argent, a fess sable within a bordure gules, escallope of the field
Hampshire (alternative)
Argent, a fess within a bordure gules, charged with eight escallops of the first
A fess embattled between three sheeps' heads erased, or
Argent, a cross potence, gules
Source : Robix heraldry
Source : House of names
Vert a cross couped or Silver with a red cross